The Shelter Knokke

High-quality and versatile Bistro at the entrance of the Zwin Nature Park

The Shelter is a pleasure for everyone

Welcome to The Shelter, the uniquely located Bistro at the entrance of the Zwin Nature Park. At The Shelter, you can:

  • Enjoy the sun and relax on our terrace.
  • Be amazed by the unsurpassed view of the Zwin.
  • Pamper your taste buds with our freshly made dishes with delicious and local products.
  • Enjoy your day with your partner? And with the kids? And bring the whole family together.
  • Do fantastic teambuilding activities with the company.
  • Play and have fun on the beautiful play island for children and, why not, adults.
  • Bike, walk and enjoy along the course Knokke-Cadzand.

The Shelter is fun for everyone. Walk, bike, sun, eat, drink and come back!

Smooth service

In The Shelter there are no queues at the cash register or bar. You can easily order at your table via the iPad, and pay at the cash register with cash or by card.