Unique regional products with minimal ecological footprint

The natural cuisine

The Shelter opts for a natural cuisine with the smallest possible ecological footprint. That is why we select daily fresh and seasonal products that are produced as much as possible in our own region. Furthermore, The Shelter works exclusively with North Sea fish and preferably from "by-catches". We also prefer fish caught with sustainable fishing methods and we are a scampi-free restaurant.

On our menu you will find both traditional dishes from grandmother's kitchen as well as our own chefs' creations.

Did you know that...?

... all of our products are homemade?

  • Vol-au-vent
  • Meatballs
  • Soup
  • Beef stew
  • Delicious spaghetti
  • Fish pan
  • Veggie dishes

...our products are produced nearby?

  • Daily fresh North Sea fish
  • Local vegetables
  • Cheese from Bruges and Damme
  • Polderlanderham
  • Meat from the local farmer

...our products are of the highest quality?

  • Croque monsieur: is filled with Duke Of Berkshireham and young Bruges cheese.
  • Our mayonnaise and tartar sauce are freshly made at home
  • We work with the best quality vegetables, meat, fish and dairy.

Fresh, local and homemade

Come and taste our daily fresh, local and homemade products. We also provide various options for vegetarians and vegans.